Automating Society Report 2020


Samuel Daveti

Samuel DavetiSamuel Daveti is a founding member of the Cultural Association, Double Shot. He is the author of the French language graphic-novel, Akron Le guerrier (Soleil, 2009), and he is the curator of the anthological volume Fascia Protetta (Double Shot, 2009). In 2011, he became a founding member of the self-produced comics collective, Mammaiuto. Samuel also wrote Un Lungo Cammino (Mammaiuto, 2014; Shockdom, 2017), which will become a film for the media company Brandon Box. In 2018, he wrote The Three Dogs, with drawings by Laura Camellia, which won the Micheluzzi Prize at Napoli Comicon 2018 and the Boscara- to award for the best webcomic at the Treviso Comic Book Festival.

Lorenzo Palloni

Lorenzo PalloniLorenzo Palloni is a cartoonist, the author of several graphic novels and webcomics, an award-winning writer, and one of the founders of comic artists collective, Mammaiuto. At the moment, he is working on forthcoming books for the French and Italian markets. Lorenzo is also a Scriptwriting and Storytelling teacher at La Scuola Internazionale di Comics di Reggio Emilia (International Comics School of Reggio Emilia).

Alessio Ravazzani

Alessio RavazzaniAlessio Ravazzani is an editorial graphic designer, cartoonist, and illustrator who collaborates with the most prestigious comics and graphic novel publishers in Italy. He is an author with the Mammaiuto collective, of which he has been a member since its foundation.